conciliator, writer, artist,
gardener, feng shui practitioner, nature therapy guide


Azurewings follows a path of complementary philosophies. Being raised a naturalist, finding affinity with nature-based spiritual traditions, and utilizing several modes of alternative health for body, mind heart and spirit,
find sanctuary here to explore what you need.

Azurewings started as an embodied journey to unfold the being inside. We are not isolated, so this unfolding has always included connecting with others, serving where needed, practicing self awareness and growing guided by nature. In Service to a True Life, Beauty and Joy, Azurewings serves

  • in all ways that make us happy,
  • in any way we can to help others be happy, and
  • in temperance for others we do not know
    to ensure they remain happy.


with self

with others

with Earth

in spirit

“We have only limited time in our lives on this planet to do the right thing, to bring joy to others, to be healthy and happy.  Why waste a moment doing anything else?”


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