Inside that column of moist electricity

March 1, 2005

Have you ever walked onto a path, and felt the air shift, become warmer, as though you entered into the field of a space heater, or the beam of sunlight, though nothing around you seems different from the step before? You make a mental note of it, and you think, oh that’s nice. It helps you shake off the shivers. Then, a few more steps, you’re out of it, out of that illusory room and back into the elements.

Imagine that awareness can be like that. We’re walking along, pretty alert as standards go, and then suddenly, we become somehow more aware, more awake. We feel it to our bones, shaking off illusions of our inadequacy and warming our fears into calmness. For that moment in time, we sense some different truths with our ultasensitive inner skin. Oh! it’s warm there. Then the awareness subsides, and we again perceive our life the way we normally do.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to remember where those warm pockets are on my hikes. I like to think I can get back to those spaces of awareness when I want to, too. I’ll start to remember to collect some trail markers along the way.

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