A Gentle Reminder

Speak aloud your prayer, your intention, your truth.  Hum a tune that makes you happy, let the breath vibrate your vocal cords and resonate through your head.  Fill your lungs with air as though you could see every molecule enter into your being, and leave it carrying your best wish.

Share with the world around you your deepest wish.  It doesn’t matter if no one is watching or listening – their heart of hearts will hear you and carry forward that resonance. Carry with you their wishes, too.

These are just wishes, desires, longings and comforts to express to the world.   There is no guarantee they will be met, no promise you will be satisfied, no absolute that fulfillment is coming.  But why let that be a condition of expression.  Is unrequited love less valuable than love exchanged?  Isn’t infinite love experienced as one half of the whole potential still infinite?  Is a rose bud less beautiful than the bloom?

Hum your love, whisper your desire, sing your heart’s content, as with true art, sometimes the expression is the complete act and doesn’t need a viewer, listener, vessel or lover to receive it to have full life in the great Lover’s Heart.

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