Synchronicity, Oracles and Choice

A while back, I read what became one of five of my favorite books, The Holographic Universe by Robert Talbott.  I let my friend “Rob” borrow it, and, well, you know what happened to that…. Anyway, I think the author found a beautiful way to describe how we participate in this world, in this life, manifestation, how we co-create our existence and reality. It’s a science book, but one that won’t let us get lost in the denial that we are a part of something truly wonder-full.   Fate doesn’t have the reigns, and neither do we.  There are potentials, possibilities and predispositions, but the fact that we can choose is a potent contender in determining what comes next.

It comes up over and over.   “The Matrix”, Carl Jung’s cosmology, Chinese medicine, Philip Dick’s “The Minority Report” and “Gattaca”, Tarot cards and other oracles all recognize choice.  In John Steinbeck’s East of Eden, the discussion of “Thou mayest” is the only passage that became relevant to my young ears.  Dante’s Divine Comedy doesn’t belabor the point, but clearly a departure from the church in his day, he suggests one’s journey through spiritual cleansing is partly up to the individual, not necessarily graced upon us alone.

My friend and I read our horoscopes regularly.  Sometimes I test it by reading my favorite source after the week is over, just to see.  Usually, it tells me about not only the week I just had, but the most significant portion of it.  The daily my friend reads is spot-on almost every single day.    I’m not advocating everyone should start consulting a reading.  What I’m suggesting is oracles are the result of thousands of years of people, from many cultures, studying human dynamics and nature itself.  Through ups and downs, oracles can help us by predicting the tides and currents in the ocean called our life.  What we do with the information, or better stated, the attitude with which we chose to digest it, is ours alone to decide.

In Chinese medicine, the feng shui methods of aligning space with the location and person’s constitution includes a concept.  There are

  • the old (and really universal) methods of reading the currents,
  • a later method developed compass measurements, and
  • the third influence Chinese medicine recognizes is ren chi – energy from the heart – meaning: intention.

Coming from decades of unexplained lifelong interruption, I can only say that the glimmers of insight that reminded me that this life of remaining asleep might be a mistake, that reminded me of the question “What if there is another way?”, came through and prevented me from taking my own life, inspired me to walk a different street, and lately, has given me the courage to believe in love where it appeared to my mind’s eye none exists.  The oracles of horoscopes and cards and coins can only tell us what may be.  When we place energy on them enough to pay attention, circumstances tend to match, people pop up or that message comes in the mail.  It is our choice to pay attention that brings around the synchronicity.   What we do with it… that alone is up to us.

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