Heading to the Far Side of the System

Some days, I sit and read the downloads NASA provided. One is titled “Silence Does Not Indicate Loss of Motion.” Yet, another one is titled, “Silence Equates to Just What You Hear”. I guess the good scientists thought I would forget how quiet this side of the solar system is, and perhaps intended for me to study the topic a little more….

The vacuum of space, beautiful as it is out here, provides lots of room to think. I was trained in several techniques for preoccupation with nothing and contemplation of the beautiful. I need to remember to write NASA a note: months in isolation tanks do not nearly prepare one for the quiet of a once bountfully filled heart.

I waste precious bandwidth quoting from my reading material, but instead want to convey I hear you. I heard you in the garden behind St. Francis. No words exchanged, silence still speaks.
The three degress of Kelvin are seeping in. An open heart means receptive for the happy as well as for the sad. The space, the fast expance between, leaves us to guessing which spin the hearts will take. Now, I respect the space you have put between us.

I think they knew solo flights would finally drive a human being insane. Good planning on the part of NASA…. I have a chamber on board that protects me from the absolute zero of deep space, and allows me to sleep. I wonder if I’ll dream. I wonder if I’ll be found.

End transmission.

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