Celebrating Awe

We found a letter recently that had these two lines:

“Faith is about going forward even if it scary.

Gratitude is about appreciating that we can.”

Courage is another word for going foward in spite of fear. Faith is about going forward in the absence of belief. We develop belief on something, like experience, or being tod something over and over, and in some cases, people just need to decide what they believe so they can choose a direction and move on. When we are uncertain, many many of us stop in our tracks in indecision, so we are compelled to decide on what we believe to help us stay in motion.

What is moving forward then without a belief we are going in the wisest direction? Suspending our need to believe, we enter the unknown. We don’t “know” with our minds, we go forth void of certainty. We don’t have even the assumption of safety or reaching our goals. This sounds pretty scary. But we do this, we go forward with courage.

“Faith is believing when common sense tells you not to” – Miracle on 34th Street

Right in between suspending our belief and moving forward with courage, we pass through awe. Did you miss it? That’s okay. Moved by faith rather than belief, we still wish to get going. The need to keep moving is primoridal. We are do it.

The next time you challenge your belief, or change your mind, or discover you might be in love with someone, pause just for a moment before moving on, and experience Awe.

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