Compassion for the Umbra

I’m writing up my next set of Existential Soul-journs. First one was in September 2020. While I was writing my notes, I recalled my thinking about our “shadow self”, our “lower self”, and had been wondering for some time, am I not supposed to integrate with it?

Some say no, let it go, but how can I if it is part of me? To deny it is to remain in denial, split. To accept it (in one manner of speaking) means not going beyond the duality and at risk of it taking control. To attack and burn it is to attack the self. I could not reconcile the concept. I realized one of my hosted Soul-journs would need to include this journey to the Shadow self.

Coincidentally, I was listening to an audio book about “indigo souls” and the author coincidentally referred to these shadows selves as beings, actual beings that hide chained in the corners. And when we have negative emotions (greed, anger, jealousy), it weakens their chains and they can infiltrate us…. I do not know if this description was metaphor or literal, but the coincidence of these current thoughts and coming across that particular place in the book was my sign to proceed.

I wanted a different word, not “shadow” nor darkness, nor lower self. Umbra, which literally means shadow. No emotional energy with umbra…. and suddenly, it became so simple:

Umbras exist because we block the light. The shadow in us is cast by us, not something else.

Chained beings in the dark are our memories of blocking the light, blocking the truth. When we forgive ourselves and let go of this denial of who we are, and fully receive and allow light to shine through us – because there is no time – the shadows disappear. It is only a memory of our ignorance that gives them substance.

They are not bad or evil. They are us in our ignorance, waiting to be released by our waking up, by letting ourselves Be Light.

So if you are interested in coming on an Existential Soul-journ, upcoming trips will be listed here, or write me at

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