Remembering the Time Before Trauma

Come with us on a journey to a different time, to a different land, to visit with family, friends and those we try hard to understand. We start with yesterday, then last year, a decade ago, to a hundred years, and then an epoch. As we journey, we collect beads of recognition from our ancestors and return mementos we had forgotten we were holding for them, unintended gifts to the present we restore to the past.

Our Journey takes us to places we remember but also forgot. This coming home brings new connection and belonging.


A time and place in the world before traumatizing events. The journey there is difficult, not many will risk it. This is a gentle journey full of witness, care-full listening. Strong hearts desired, and vulnerability encouraged.


Be or become somewhat familiar with world history or an event that you can speak about in world history. Knowledge of your own ancestry is not required, but can be helpful to the next generation if you be more knowledgeable as much as possible about it.

What to Bring

  • Open mind
  • Strength to witness others in the world’s past
  • Curiosity
  • Boots

Ports of Calling

The maps the ships compliment brings will determine our course. We will visit events that affected millions of people. Our goals is to visit every continent if we have time, but no visit will be rushed. We will visit the Shores of Before.

If this Existential Soul-journ speaks to you, write

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