Chasing Umbras

Our shadow selves exist because we are blocking the light. Casting the umbra, we can have choice and power to dissipate them, walk confidently and live in light. This Existential Soul-journ is a journey worthy of Pan and Hook. Let’s adventure together on the high seas in search of our umbras and embrace them with loving nets.

Read more about Compassion for the Umbra.


The light. We will journey through a dark primordial river cave toward that ephemeral place called Eden.


  • Consider all the apparitions of your “shadow” self
  • Find a couple or few words to describe them, no details.
  • Send to before we embark

What to Bring

  • Well lit location to zoom in
  • Blanket
  • Image, trinket or talisman that makes you smile

Ports of Calling

  • River port embarkment
  • River cave
  • Peinture Rupestre

If this Existential Soul-journ speaks to you, write

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