Travel Earth

Why is it so that we English speakers call the world the earth? We think of travel over it’s surface as movement in space in two dimensions, or barely three if we fly or submerge. We are “on” this planet as though separate and apart, not realizing we are still in Earth’s womb. What does that mean to see Earth as a living, feeling being, instead of property? Journey together in search of Mom, speaking to her, our collective soul to Earth’s soul.


Earth, all of Earth, all of Home. A porthole extravaganza of all she is to all of us. If you feel you have been born of her, tell us aspects you remember and know about her. If not born yet, what are you learning?


  • Planet Earth research
  • YouTube research
  • Your own travels in Earth
  • What music makes you think of Earth?
  • Practice Zooming a photo-montage of Mom (including music if you wish)
  • Make sure to give credit on all photos, music, videos, including yourself if you recorded them.

What to Bring

Your compilation to share, up to 30 seconds worth.

Ports of Calling

In this Existential Soul-journ we have only one destination, Earth’s bosom.

If this Existential Soul-journ speaks to you, write

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