Meeting Facilitation and Family Mediation

Coming together as a group to sort out differences, find common ground and make decisions can be done without a moderator or third party assistance. We know gathering 10-20 people to make a decision in one or two days can be overwhelming, and in some cases impossible. Meeting facilitation brings problem solving that retains the primary goals while ensuring all participants’ contributions are factored in. A basic human needs approach to problem solving can facilitate an answer to even the most contested of problems.

But then whom would you blame when things go wrong? While having a facilitator might be nice when everything is coming along fine, what about those times you are so angry it stops all reason, words are said, and worse? A mediator serves as well as a buffer when you need someone to direct your anger instead of a family member. This is the truth of our service.

Compassionate, extended-listening form of mediation aims to not only assist family members to solve their immediate puzzles, but to leave them with a memory of their best selves with whom they solve future issues. Read more about it at Consulting & Conciliation Service.

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