Dive Deep

Seamount (www.ofseaandmountains.com)

Have you taken a trip into the deep ocean of your being lately? What do you remember about the water? What or whom did you encounter? Do you want to go again, or maybe the first time?


Join us for a journey into the deep waters of your soul, and see where the light still shines in the bending prism that is the forgotten self.


Shower, bathe or splash water on your face.

Imagine what vehicle will keep you safe as we descend. A submarine or a wet suit? Will you snorkel, SCUBA, or develop gills for the trip?

What to Bring

  • Self compassion
  • Courage
  • A query for the ocean that will help answer a mystery about yourself
  • A glass of clean water for hydration

Ports of Calling

  • Embark from the home harbour
  • Nearby lagoon
  • Pacific Shelf
  • Octopus Cave
  • Narwal tea house
  • Seamount
  • Back to home harbour

Write Service@Azurewings.net if this Existential Soul-journ speaks to you.

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