Your Heart is your Soil

Your heart is your soil, your intention the seed

Your spirit is sunshine energy, and your emotion waters the land of your soul.

What will you plant today? What will you decide is a weed?

What is the right mix that will feed your intention and keep it thriving?


Join us for a tour of your own gardens. Some are terraces and some are beautiful diverse meadows. What ever type of garden you enjoy, we will explore who we can visit them more often, getting you out of your known and tending the fields of the possible.


Think about the metaphors above: your heart is the soil, intention is seed, spirit is sunshine, emotions are water

Think if what seeds you wish to plant. What will these seeds grow into? What do these emerging seedlings look like? What does eventual living intention look like? What is the right food for this being?

What to Bring

  • 1, 3, or 7 intention seeds
  • drawings of your plant being that you imagine it will look like as it grows. This can be a pencil drawing, or maybe a photo you saw somewhere that reminds you of it.
  • your soil
  • your water
  • your sunshine
  • your food

Ports of Calling

  • Garden design – gathering all the elements and imagining them together in space
  • Growing plan – all the elements that work together over time
  • Planting
  • Growing
  • Showing

Write if this Existential Soul-journ speaks to you.

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