Your Heart is your Soil

Your heart is your soil, your intention the seed Your spirit is sunshine energy, and your emotion waters the land of your soul. What will you plant today? What will you decide is a weed? What is the right mix that will feed your intention and keep it thriving? Destination Join us for a tour... Continue Reading →


Eunoe (Greek: Εὐνοη) is a feature of Dante's Divine Comedy created by Dante as the fifth river of the dead (taking into consideration that Cocytus was described as a lake rather than a river). In the Purgatorio, the second cantica of Dante's poem, penitents reaching the Garden of Eden at the top of Mount Purgatory... Continue Reading →

Dive Deep

Seamount ( Have you taken a trip into the deep ocean of your being lately? What do you remember about the water? What or whom did you encounter? Do you want to go again, or maybe the first time? Destination Join us for a journey into the deep waters of your soul, and see where... Continue Reading →

Chasing Umbras

Our shadow selves exist because we are blocking the light. Casting the umbra, we can have choice and power to dissipate them, walk confidently and live in light. This Existential Soul-journ is a journey worthy of Pan and Hook. Let's adventure together on the high seas in search of our umbras and embrace them with... Continue Reading →

Travel Earth

Why is it so that we English speakers call the world the earth? We think of travel over it's surface as movement in space in two dimensions, or barely three if we fly or submerge. We are "on" this planet as though separate and apart, not realizing we are still in Earth's womb. What does... Continue Reading →

Existential Soul-journs

Where do you want to go today? Allow us to be your concierge. Inward, upward, outward and always closer to who you really are, our Soul-journs take us to a place of remembering, a place we actually never forgot, but maybe hid in a cove or cave somewhere, secreted away from our daily earthly life.... Continue Reading →

Remembering the Time Before Trauma

Come with us on a journey to a different time, to a different land, to visit with family, friends and those we try hard to understand. We start with yesterday, then last year, a decade ago, to a hundred years, and then an epoch. As we journey, we collect beads of recognition from our ancestors... Continue Reading →

Draw Your Orb

Who are you? What are you? How are you? How do you recognize yourself? These questions use language to answer. In this event, we will hear nature's music, witness shades of light and breathe in the air of inspiritu. This mostly silent Existential Soul-journ, we will draw images of how we see our purest true... Continue Reading →

Into the One Point

Journey with us to the origin story, the one point, the emergent of you. The place in non-time and no place where your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies were all one body of light and vibration. Destination To a place where emotion, body, matter, light, energy, everything and no-thing meet. A place of no... Continue Reading →

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