Barbara Azzara (Glabman Cohen)

When I was young, about 10, I realized I care about the world, how people treat each other, the planet, and I wanted to change it for the better.  I loved people and still do.  Eventually I realized I cannot change the world and I cannot love people, unless I changed myself - until I... Continue Reading →

What if…?

What if all, right now and then, right here and there, were all right? What would it feel like to feel no anxiety, no worry, no fear about what the next moment brings, or brought? What if there is no next moment, only this one? What if we all - persons, animals, forests, plankton, ocean... Continue Reading →

In Heaven as it is on Earth

Orion Nebula This is a letter to my beloved from many years ago. Everything is beautiful before and after the contemplation, even if we have not reached that destiny point where we will discover and be ever changed. For it will happen that once we Know, we will see this epiphany extends, in all directions... Continue Reading →


Never found universe cave vision dark sky Universe of clouds of stars Never found you. Supposed to. We said we would. Am I to wait? Sign? Can't remember. Can I be strong enough to weather the solar storm of doubt? Rain Wind Petals Forgetfulness and wishing I could remember the truth. I do remember your... Continue Reading →


One of my counselors says "understanding is the booby prize of life".  I think that is to remind me that understanding with my cerebral cortex does not provide the whole picture. Compassionate fathoming, empathizing, or event sympathizing with the nature of what ever is being sought to understand is Understanding. So, with her umbrage, I... Continue Reading →

I was cleaning my house lately and came across these letters.  I figured I'd publish them somewhere in case they were meant for you.

Presumptions of Humanity

To help make light of our time, I have heard some taking to the pun "Love in the Time of Covid." I come across references to that book, Love in the Time of Cholera, and needed to research that to make sure I spelled cholera right.  Why did that book come to mind as I... Continue Reading →

Compassion for the Umbra

I'm writing up my next set of Existential Soul-journs. First one was in September 2020. While I was writing my notes, I recalled my thinking about our "shadow self", our "lower self", and had been wondering for some time, am I not supposed to integrate with it? Some say no, let it go, but how... Continue Reading →

Dear Gratitude,

I am sorry we keep missing each other. You call and I miss the ring, or I call you back and well, maybe I don't wait long enough for you pick up. I am sorry. I really want to hear you, and honestly, let you know I'm feeling remiss if I let you down. What's... Continue Reading →

What Destroys the Truth?

This message was written on a note in a bottle found washed ashore: Self-loathing kills all you manifest that is good and beautiful! Well that's a heavy admonishment. For one to believe it, one would be challenged to accept the possibility that we actually can and do manifest the beautiful, goodness, and all this things,... Continue Reading →

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