Celebrating Awe

We found a letter recently that had these two lines: "Faith is about going forward even if it scary. Gratitude is about appreciating that we can." Courage is another word for going foward in spite of fear. Faith is about going forward in the absence of belief. We develop belief on something, like experience, or... Continue Reading →

There is only now, there is only me, there is only you, there is only us, and there is only out there.

Now. Here. In space and time. Aware of this singularity, me becomes present. And there is you.  You, in your singularity of experience, just now.  Just here. Moments travel from one to the next and we touch others, the us of moments.  And we go forward in space and time to out there. That is... Continue Reading →


So deep is the longing, to know we are with our village, our cave, our tribe. Speak with a friend without ridicule or fear of being ostracized. To know one can laugh at a joke or smile at a friend. To cry because someone died without fear… to mourn for the world, without worry that... Continue Reading →

Here there be bunnies

I don't believe in evil.  It just wasn't a part of my upbringing.  Simple as that. As an adult, I came to understand the risks of being unaware of certain dangers. I've run into a pack of humans who put me in the hospital for a few days, been run over by a car that... Continue Reading →

A New Appreciation

I newly appreciate my propensity to deny the reality of a situation.  My little girl vision of love ever after is so deep, set into synaptic autopilot by a man who cared for me without end, is today challenged by the realities I have feared would come true - that we would forget how to... Continue Reading →

Synchronicity, Oracles and Choice

A while back, I read what became one of five of my favorite books, The Holographic Universe by Robert Talbott.  I let my friend "Rob" borrow it, and, well, you know what happened to that.... Anyway, I think the author found a beautiful way to describe how we participate in this world, in this life,... Continue Reading →

Two lost loves

When Earth was new and young, and life played on her chest with its new emergence, there grew from her belly button two serpentine ribbons of light - one blue and green, cool and fluid like a mountain stream; the other magenta and fire, like lightning through heavy clouds.  The two tendrils danced and played... Continue Reading →

Out into the World

My mind follows that wisp of intent into the street, following the asphalt into the clouded night sky where we're reminded of Venus and Moon's illicit affair.... Flying, flying to you my friend with heart in hand, remembering my promise, remembering my love for you, recalling that first kiss, a human remembrance of spirit comrades.... Continue Reading →

A Gentle Reminder

Speak aloud your prayer, your intention, your truth.  Hum a tune that makes you happy, let the breath vibrate your vocal cords and resonate through your head.  Fill your lungs with air as though you could see every molecule enter into your being, and leave it carrying your best wish. Share with the world around... Continue Reading →

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