Nature & Forest Therapy

Nature and Forest Therapy walks are inspired by the Japanese practice of shinrin yoku – “forest bathing” – developed mid 20th century in response to the emergent techno-centric life. This practice is different from a hike where we have a destination. Different from a nature walk where I tell you the names of animals and... Continue Reading →

Personal Alignment

Personal assistance in aligning your life with what you feel, what you believe, what you experience, and what you are gifted. There are several ways we can journey to who we are so we can be with our self. For some, let's start with your home, your office. Maybe studies are in order, or access... Continue Reading →

Meeting Facilitation and Family Mediation

Coming together as a group to sort out differences, find common ground and make decisions can be done without a moderator or third party assistance. We know gathering 10-20 people to make a decision in one or two days can be overwhelming, and in some cases impossible. Meeting facilitation brings problem solving that retains the... Continue Reading →


Azurewings is a small not-for-profit endeavor based on a simple premise -Do what makes you happy and healthy. This could mean a lot of things, but commits me to only a few absolutes: Activities employed ensures all people's needs are met, including the need for mutual respect, freedom from fear, and all around be mutually... Continue Reading →

Dante Club

From Wikipedia An invitation to ponder together questions Dante tried to address and was jailed and thrown into exile for it. Why do we think evil exists outside of our own hearts? Is it too much trouble to act as we believe? Is it possible evil doesn't exist after all? Are we ready to finally... Continue Reading →

Coordination and Communications

While event planning is fun, conducting the event can be a different set of skills. Azurewings is available to staff and be on-site coordinator to ensure activities occur for people as planned. A large part of Azurewings service is about contacting the public, maintaining good relations with clients and customers, bringing in new friends we... Continue Reading →


Classes in all areas mentioned on this web site are available for scheduling. Azurewings feels it is important for a healthy society is to acknowledge our mutual interdependence. The more we share, the more people can share with others. Our goal in facilitating learning is to not only convey, but to learn as well. When... Continue Reading →


Visit Sometimes, we get into conflict with people and do not know how to resolve it, or approaching the person is premature. We are not ready, not prepared to speak our truth nor hear the truth from the other. Conciliation is a specific form of counseling. No doctors. No psychological tests or gimmicks. Conciliation... Continue Reading →

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