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A walk in the mountains of Japan

Nature & Forest Therapy Guide

Recently certified in Nature and Forest Therapy Guiding, Jane now aims to share with others a way we can relate to Nature that is personal, intimate and unique to each person. Visit Nature-Sojourns to learn more about this powerful and growing practice that might bring about, bring us back, and bring us forward in our next phase in humanity.

A tiny urban garden designed an installed by Innocent Spirit Gardens

Innocent Spirit Gardens & Interiors

When I design a garden, the aesthetics are informed by those who will visit it and host it. Meaning, I assume all types of visitors might be possible – birds, humans, deer, dogs, bees. We we are considerate of our host, Earth. My mission is to reacquaint people with the outdoors and steward a garden that invites them to return again and again.

A little something I made for workshop participants

Earth Medicine

2021, I embarked on a plant medicine study. Using all the means one has to Learn, this year is an immersive deepening of my relationship with plant beings. I seek ways they wish to blend with us, and language I can use to explain to people how to see, hear and speak with them differently.

One of my rose family expressions

Rose Otto

Rose essence is considered the highest energy signatures known, including all the plant and animal life. There is a reason it is associated with higher energies such as love, compassion, and gratitude, as well as figures in history and lore who exhibit those qualities.

Hatsu and Morihei


These urban farms were created under a social experiment. Could we gather the resources – tools, people’s effort, and land – in an urban setting in complete gratitude and giving nature for the betterment of those who have nothing? In the spirit of Ueshiba Morihei, we turned 5 unused plots of land into urban gardens through the efforts of land owners, tools lenders, and voluntary labor. Lessons were learned about zoning, soil micro-climates, and changing tolerances.

Other Resources to Be with Earth


Silent Spring
by Rachel Carlson

The Secret Life of Plants
by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird

The Soul of an Octopus

by Sy Montgomery

When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals

by Jeffrey Masson and Susan McCarthy


Save the Bees

The Bee Girl Organization

Permaculture Action Network

Break Free From Plastic

Plastic Alternatives

Make Soil

Sea Shepherd


The Ocean Cleanup

Being With Earth


Seed Savers Exchange

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