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"Compassion and Restoring a Sense of Humanity" Presented to VII International Symposium on Torture, New Delhi, 1999. "Hawk and Dove", unfinished short book. "Is Hope a Skill? Is Compassion a Competence?". "Culturally Internalized Trauma: The Normalization of Violent Systems and the Implications of Conflict Resolution without Rehabilitation" Presented to 2ECPCR, October 1994. "Biogenesis: A Discussion... Continue Reading →

Chasing Umbras

Our shadow selves exist because we are blocking the light. Casting the umbra, we can have choice and power to dissipate them, walk confidently and live in light. This Existential Soul-journ is a journey worthy of Pan and Hook. Let's adventure together on the high seas in search of our umbras and embrace them with... Continue Reading →

Travel Earth

Why is it so that we English speakers call the world the earth? We think of travel over it's surface as movement in space in two dimensions, or barely three if we fly or submerge. We are "on" this planet as though separate and apart, not realizing we are still in Earth's womb. What does... Continue Reading →

Dante Club

From Wikipedia An invitation to ponder together questions Dante tried to address and was jailed and thrown into exile for it. Why do we think evil exists outside of our own hearts? Is it too much trouble to act as we believe? Is it possible evil doesn't exist after all? Are we ready to finally... Continue Reading →


Many movements start out slowly so we can experience the nuances of foot placement, the subtle directions our body frame takes, and where our intent is focused. Some movement is very intense. I was fortunate on this day to practice with someone who understands the learning of intensity. Some Aikido practice involves traditional staffs. Here... Continue Reading →

Coordination and Communications

While event planning is fun, conducting the event can be a different set of skills. Azurewings is available to staff and be on-site coordinator to ensure activities occur for people as planned. A large part of Azurewings service is about contacting the public, maintaining good relations with clients and customers, bringing in new friends we... Continue Reading →


Classes in all areas mentioned on this web site are available for scheduling. Azurewings feels it is important for a healthy society is to acknowledge our mutual interdependence. The more we share, the more people can share with others. Our goal in facilitating learning is to not only convey, but to learn as well. When... Continue Reading →


Visit Sometimes, we get into conflict with people and do not know how to resolve it, or approaching the person is premature. We are not ready, not prepared to speak our truth nor hear the truth from the other. Conciliation is a specific form of counseling. No doctors. No psychological tests or gimmicks. Conciliation... Continue Reading →

In Heaven as it is on Earth

Orion Nebula This is a letter to my beloved from many years ago. Everything is beautiful before and after the contemplation, even if we have not reached that destiny point where we will discover and be ever changed. For it will happen that once we Know, we will see this epiphany extends, in all directions... Continue Reading →

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