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This is a list of all the resources I have to offer that assist us humans at being with each other in more healthy ways. Some are fee services, some is reading materials I have come across. If you know of any lessons you have come across that have repaired, restore or started a healthy relationship with another, send me an email and I may include it here.

An old sketch that reminds me…. We are in this together.

Consulting & Conciliation Service

This is my own consultancy, started in Washington DC in 1993. We moved to California in 1997. This is a not-for-profit service to help people find a way back to each other.

The Aikido Center

Based in Sacramento, California, this dojo is home for a spiritual body art of revealing, exploring and honing relationships with others, a peace that is ultimately found in the peaceful relationship with the self.

Center for Non-Violent Communication

Established by Marshall Rosenberg in the 1960s, it is the deep appreciation and understanding of one of the most elemental exchanges we have with each other: language and meaning. Restoring a sense of curiosity within ourselves, we can restore a sense of humanity between us.

Moving Beyond Intractability

Established many years ago as a databases of resources, CRInfo and Beyond Intractability is a collection of experts and authentic guides working their lives to help us come out of the violence and hopelessness our history sometimes takes us.

10 Guiding Principles

There is a reason 80,000 people travel from all over the world to create a city that lasts only one week a year. Not a festival: an emergent society. No longer an experiment: proof. We can do this thing we call humanity. With all the messy, honest, earthy goodness, we can live kindly with Earth, with each other, and find our soul-selves.

Recommended Reading

Listed here is a growing list or books, articles, papers, blogs and videos, all for the sake of being with each other in the way we always knew would be, could be, possible. Enjoy.

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