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These first few are exclusive offerings of Azurewings. I enjoy connecting new friends with old friends, so I include other resources as well. While I know a lot, I do not know everything.


Existential Soul-Journs

Remembering who we really are is my primary goal, followed by remembering we are no different from the trees outside or the octopus that have been around eons of time. (After that, maybe remembering to sew up some curtains for our tiny home.) These Existential Soul-journs are group excursions, traveling past wrong doing and wars, traveling beyond history and identity.

Our destination? You tell me… you already know. I’m just here to help you remember.

Personal Alignment Services

Personal assistance in aligning your life with what you feel, what you believe, what you experience, and what you are gifted. There are several ways we can journey to who we are so we can be with our self. For some, lets start with your home, your office. Getting organized, addressing clutter, and planning your new life like a project comes under this heading.

4 Pillar Birth Chart

Feng Shui Charting

Feng shui is not only about situating a room to benefit from its most auspicious configuration. Feng shui helps people find auspicious times and elements in their life to work with their individual constitution. A 4 Pillar birth chart, unique to you, can unveil patterns in your life you knew were there, but did not know why.

Tarot Studies

The tarot like any oracle is not magic. It is a system of a colors, sounds, scents and textures familiar to the human experience. Throughout history, the patterns of what seem important to the human life are collected in a set of symbols called the Tarot; Runes; Kabbala; iChing; the Ayurveda five elements of ether, earth, air, fire, and water; the five Taoist elements of water, fire, earth metal and wood; the eight directions of American first peoples of North, East, West, South, sky above and earth below.

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