In Heaven as it is on Earth

Orion Nebula

This is a letter to my beloved from many years ago.

Everything is beautiful before and after the contemplation, even if we have not reached that destiny point where we will discover and be ever changed. For it will happen that once we Know, we will see this epiphany extends, in all directions and time. Therefore, being in our future’s past, we can right now take comfort in the idea that even today is beautiful, full of love and worthy of our humble worship.

If heaven is informed by earth as earth is informed by heaven, then we cannot afford to think that once we leave this plane the next will be better. We are informing heaven, now, what it is. “Heaven” and “hell” are the same place.

This might alarm anyone reading this letter. It’s okay.
I’m using labels to help me communicate an idea.
Bare with me.
I do not intend that heaven is a “bad” place.
I’m suggesting that… well, just read on.

“Heaven” and “hell” are the same place. The only difference is the template that we create for it here and now. The only difference between this form of thinking and traditional thought about them is reclaiming our choice.

Thou mayest.

John Steinbeck, East of Eden

We chose between heaven and hell…. not a predetermined place we will go when we die. We choose heaven or hell based on the earth we make, the template that will inform that next plane, what we admire, what we want in Life.

It can be hell as long as we continue to create hell on earth. We can decide right now, right in this minute, to choose our mind, to choose heaven and start here, on earth.

Create heaven here, so that your heaven will be as it is on earth.

Kalalau Valley

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