What Destroys the Truth?

This message was written on a note in a bottle found washed ashore:

Self-loathing kills all you manifest that is good and beautiful!

Well that’s a heavy admonishment. For one to believe it, one would be challenged to accept the possibility that we actually can and do manifest the beautiful, goodness, and all this things, acts and connections the statement implies. Are you one who scoffs at that and mumbles “B..sh.t! I make [poop]! That’s my gift.”

What if, despite your best efforts toward the contrary, you made a child giggle, or an old lady blush, or made your coach proud when you didn’t know he was looking? If you inspire anything similar to those gems, even once, then it is possible, and the opposite premise is true: You may be capable of manifesting the good and the beautiful.


So what obligation do we have, as humans, ordinary people, trying to get by in the world, to preserve these so- called good and beautiful manifestations? Why should we care about these aberrations of fact that don’t fit with our worldview, these cognitive dissonance warps in our mind-body field of experience? Two reasons to care:

  1. The message “I only make poop” makes you sick, because you don’t like being lied to.
  2. Making yourself sick is a waste of time and energy.

While cognitive dissonance is not considered a mental illness, it can be argued that liing to one’s self or acts of violence such as self hatred might signal an imbalance in one’s health. 

Something called consensus reality is the generally accepted perception of the way things are. When someone experiences reality different from that, some people suffer psychosis from confusion or social rejection of their reality.  There are a few however who figure out the way they see a truth is not seen by a dominant culture.  They keep their heads and hearts intact, and realize, “Oh, they can’t see what I do. Better work on that.” So Albert Einstein, St Teresa of Avila, Henry David Thoreau, and Steven Hawking got to work.

But not all of us have the balance and fortitude to push through social norms. Social norms exist for stability to help a group of a few hundred thousand people get along. Meanwhile, innovation and seeing things a little differently helps keep it from becoming deathly boring. So let’s get back to that worldview. What was it again? “I don’t manifest the beautiful. I’m nothing special. I don’t do good.”

What if you are wrong? What if the social norms, meant to ensure the train comes in on time and kids do their homework, went awry? What if self-loathing has become so commonplace in your mind, the habit of self doubt is the norm in your internal society? To challenge it takes some courage, but to actually believe different than the norm may take a little crazy to punch through the habitual belief.  In other words, “I’m not good enough” might be fake news. We need to find that channel, tune into the message that isn’t the lie, and then go out there and prove the difficult premise: that You are, that We are, beings of light, of love, of generosity and exist without fear.

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