Draw Your Orb

Who are you? What are you? How are you? How do you recognize yourself?

These questions use language to answer. In this event, we will hear nature’s music, witness shades of light and breathe in the air of inspiritu. This mostly silent Existential Soul-journ, we will draw images of how we see our purest true self. All are welcome as our spirit is always ready to communicate in vision, sound, feeling, light. Enjoy a long moment of expressing who you really are.


Embarking from self-image to self-imaginal. If you have come with us on a journey to the One Point, you will understand this is not a destination to who you will become. This is a journey to ALL you are to find the “who” you really are.


Record answers to the following questions:

  • What am I?
  • Where am I?
  • Who am I?
  • How am I?
  • How am I right now?
  • Remember being 10 years old… what was on your heart and mind?
  • What is your first memory in this life?

What to Bring

  • Any animal you want to join us, bioalive live or enlivened with love
  • Any famous person you admire
  • Any beautiful place you can imagine
  • Your favorite drawing or shaping media (pencils, clay, dough, etc)

Ports of Calling

  • Yourself
  • Your Self
  • Your Orb

Write Service@Azurewings.net if this Existential Soul-journ speaks to you.

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