Personal Alignment

Personal assistance in aligning your life with what you feel, what you believe, what you experience, and what you are gifted. There are several ways we can journey to who we are so we can be with our self. For some, let’s start with your home, your office. Maybe studies are in order, or access to other servants to develop your alignment team


Filing, de-cluttering, cleaning, clearing stagnant energies – this all goes to making a well organized and clean space for you to breath, imagine, develop and grow new energies. A well organized space can also reduce anxiety, clear up confusion, and fro some enhance a sense of security: no more blockages to hide unknowns.

Project Planning

The work you do for yourself. A witness, coach, and cheering section can help you change your inertia from stillness to movement. Projects have beginnings and endings, and even the smallest of projects need clarity and energy.

Small Business Support

Contact list management, reports, invoicing, accounts payable, website maintenance, and archiving are just some of the services extended to businesses. Developing a business management template such that all processes can be accomplished in a timely regular manner is the aim to free up my mind, heart and being to create and relate to your clients. Maybe you are property management with a soul. Maybe you are an art studio that loves the art, but hates asking for money. Maybe you are a home-based school that is just starting up. Azurewings feels that if we can help 20 businesses accomplished their social mission in the world, we are doing our part.


If Azurewings cannot assist, we know someone who can. Our growing list of Resources is here of those persons and services we have had personal contact with. If they are listed here, they are endorsed by Azurewings without advertising fees.

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